Prom Wear and Evening Wear


We at BV Prom welcome you to our Prom Site and invite you along to our
fabulous prom studios in Ashtead nr Epsom in Surrey

We have over 200 gowns from many top designers such as: Manon, Sparkle, Xcite, Xtreme and more

With prices from £150 we have short, long, full and slinky but always beautiful dresses for your very special night out.

We also take note of the school you are from so we do not repeat any styles, so there is no danger that one of your friends will buy the same dress as you from BV Prom

Dont take the chance of buying online. Come and try on the gowns, feel the material, see what you look good in, experiment with different looks and let us help you find the perfect prom dress.

We offer a tailoring service so we can make the dress the correct
length and where necessary, with a bit of tweaking it will fit you perfectly



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